In the Beginning

My name is Jeri Lee and since my Date of Birth is 1939 I qualify to be addressed as GrandMa Jeri.  I plan to follow Grandma Moses who started a successful career at age 80.  I can not say that I have not had a successful career or make that careers in my life but since this is my last chance of becoming  famous instead of notorious.  I intend to do my best at taking advantage of ALL the upgrades life has bestowed on humanity since i had my first job in 1956.  

My first job was with “Ma Bell” where  i learned to plug into a light on a large board in front of me answers an incoming voice requesting to connected to an outgoing phone number.  I then took the matching cord and plugged it into an empty hole in the board inserted a dialing cord above it and connected the two numbers, Stamped a ticket to time the call and answered the next light.   Today i just received my i watch 4 heart monitor watch which owns the world of the internet and i talk to my wrist without cords plugs wires.   As a small child we ate Wheaties so we as  kids could cut up the box to make our toys.  one of my favorite was the Dick Tracy watch you put it on and this paper watch became magic and you could talk through it.  That  I now have as a reality.  Makes me wonder what kids are thinking now that will be a reality in their world when they are 80.

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